Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure designed to flatten and tone the abdomen. The procedure usually consists of:
* Removing excess skin and fatty tissues from the abdominal area.
* Reducing muscle flaccidity by joining the muscles of the abdomen.
* Relocation of the belly button, if necessary.

The result is a flat, smooth, toned and firm abdomen.

In addition, this procedure can be incorporated within other surgeries to enhance the results, such as mammoplasty, cruroplasty, brachioplasty, gluteoplasty and/or liposculpture.

Why Consider Tummy Tuck?

Excess skin and sagging caused by weight loss and after the pregnancy can be uncomfortable and causes problems in ones self-esteem. The abdominoplasty restores the firmness of the belly and eliminates excess skin, having the flat stomach you want.

To request a valuation, you can go to https://haroldvillalobos.co/en/ask-for-an-assessment or e-mail us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Cruroplasty: get your legs back, toned and smooth

Cruroplasty: get your legs back, toned and smooth

The laxity of the skin and the fat accumulated within the inner side of thigh happens to be one of the most annoying characteristics in the body, as it not only has aesthetic alterations, but also functional alterations such as walking discomfort, friction, sweating and irritation of the skin.

When exercise is not enough to tone your thighs, cruroplasty is a solution to regain smooth and firm legs. This procedure is also recognized as ‘Leg Lifting’ because it is a surgical technique that seeks to improve the appearance of the thighs by removing the fatty tissue and the excess skin on the inner side of the thighs.

So, who is a candidate for a thigh lift?
People who experience excessive sagging due to heavy weight loss and tissue deterioration overtime.
If you have any questions, send us an e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Patient's question: Will I lose a cup size once swelling goes away after Breast Augmentation?

Patient's question: Will I lose a cup size once swelling goes away after Breast Augmentation?

Many of my patients are satisfied with the size of their breasts when their surgery has been recent and they wonder, with concern if when the swelling passes, will they lose the results that they have obtained.

However, because the recovery time after a breast augmentation varies from one patient to another, most of the swelling decreases between the third and sixth week. Once that time passes, it is very unlikely that if the surgery has been successful, you will lose such a volume in a cup size, which is a lot.

What is most expected is that the result is very close to what the patient can perceive once she has left her surgery. What does change is the position of the implants, since they tend to descend and locate correctly once the trauma has passed. I recommend a lot of patience and willingness to face the postoperative period to visualize the desired results.

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I invite you to get to know a little bit more about my professional career

I invite you to get to know a little bit more about my professional career

When I decided to specialize myself as a plastic surgeon, the most important thing for me was (and still is) the safety of my patients. This is the main reason my education has been based on being the vanguard, know the advances of the profession and master the latest techniques to provide the best results.

My academic training began at the Universidad Libre de Cali, where I graduated as a doctor and surgeon. Then, in 1993, I advanced to my specialization in General Surgery at the Post Graduation Carlos Chagas Institute in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, and later I qualified as a reconstructive plastic surgeon and hand in the Fluminense Federal University in the same city in 2004.

I am currently an active member of the Colombian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, a scientific medical entity that groups plastic surgeons duly trained and certified with academic programs endorsed by universities in Colombia or abroad.

I do what I am passionate about and wouldn’t change that for anything. I am properly trained to answer all your concerns and perform the procedures that you can inform yourself about on my website www.haroldvillalobos.co

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Buttock Augmentation

Buttock Augmentation

Gluteoplasty is a recommended procedure to give firmness and / or enlarge the small or flattened glutes through the use of implants or silicone prostheses.

These cohesive silicone gel prostheses are specially designed to be more resilient and flattened compared to the breast and the ideal size to be chosen is according to the needs of my patients and their measurements, since by placing larger implants Of what is indicated, could put surgery results at risk.

Both men and women are candidates for this type of procedure but with different purposes, since men are given a different treatment to give a masculine appearance to the buttocks and, in women, it is a question of increasing the size and the silhouette.

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Your post-surgery in Cali

Your post-surgery in Cali

All stages of surgery require specific care and practices. This time I will give you some tips that will be very useful for your post operative in Cali:

Be punctual when consuming your medications.
Use the sash for the entire stipulated time.
Take care of the sun. If your surgery was on the face use a hat to go outside. If you have any exposed scar use sunblock.
Receive only one lymphatic drainage per day. If you get more than one it can be harmful to your body.
Avoid lying down on the surgery area.
Follow my recommendations in your diet.
Avoid physical exertion during the first few days. Ask before resuming exercise or sport.
You should not smoke during the cicatrization period, since the cigarette makes this process difficult
I recommend abstaining from liquor during your recovery.
Avoid wetting your bandages and compresses. Follow my recommendations to change them.
Attend on-time appointments

Lastly, try to stay calm and be patient. Remember that the postoperative is just a small moment that you will pass, before reaching the figure that you have wanted so much.

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Ear surgery, a radical change to feel you better.

Ear surgery, a radical change to feel you better.

The majority of my patients who request the otoplasty are men. Many of them, in their childhood were victims of mockery owing to the shape or size of their ears or simply they want to look more harmonic.

The ears are parts of the body very visible especially for men, because most of them use short hair.

Postoperative otoplasty is much easier than others. Most of the patients leaves the clinic immediately the surgery is finished, without needing to be hospitalized.

The scar of this surgery is imperceptibly to the naked eye, the incision is usually done on the back of the ears.

If you feel uncomfortable with your ears and feel that your size or shape does not favor to you, this surgery will help you feel better with your appearance. You decide.

Ask for your valuation and ask me any concerns you have.

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The day of your surgery in Cali is near. Have you bought your travel tickets?

The day of your surgery in Cali is near. Have you bought your travel tickets?

When you have the appointment for your surgery make sure you buy the travel tickets in advance. This will give you a better price and guarantee your arrival on the day indicated. You have to make sure that the arrival airport is the Alfonso Bonilla Aragón, because it's the place of access to my city if you travel by air.

Through this air terminal, more than 5,500,000 people are mobilized annually, because Cali is one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America. People from all over the world come to know this beautiful city, full of friendly and cheerful people. Cali is also known as the salsa capital of the world.

Thinking about the number of travelers, the international airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragón was remodeled and this work was inaugurated on March 8, 2017. If you have previously come to Cali you will find a completely renovated space, ready to satisfy travelers who are becoming more every day.

In addition to buying your travel tickets in advance and to the correct destination I recommend the following:

- If your surgery is corporal, avoid bringing backpacks. To take care at return with your surgery is better to carry a wheel case.

- Sleep well before or during the flight, so that when you arrive in Colombia you are very alert. If there is a rainy season it is normal the delay in the arrival of connecting flights and you should wait at another airport while connecting to Cali, in which case it is better to be awake.

- At the airport, you avoid talking to strangers and receiving food.

- Do not let anyone approach your luggage.

- Keep your personal documents and my handy information of the place where you will stay.

Finally, when you arrive at the airport, enjoy the wide commercial and gastronomic offer that you will find. Finally relax, if you have contracted hospedage trough us , we will be at airport wating for you .

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What is the meaning of projection or profile of the silicon implants?

What is the meaning of projection or profile of the silicon implants?

The size and shape of the breasts after mastopexy is the main concern of my patients, so I consider necessary to talk about this theme, because this characteristic is decisive in the final results.

The profile is more determinant than the amount of cc that has the prosthesis, therefore, two prostheses of the same amount of cc and different projection will give two different results.

The silicone prostheses have a base size and a projection size. The projection is the measure forward, if the person are standing. The base, instead it is related to the width, if we look the bust in front.

If your natural breast is small, more projection you will need, if you expect noticeable results.In this case, many patients choose the prothesis of high projection. Many women who have a medium breast, choose the protheses of low or medium projection. Of course, there are always patients who want to have a notorious change and opt for high projection prostheses.

If you have slender breast, I recommend to you the protheses with narrow root that will adjust to your anatomy and will seem more natural. If you have breasts with wide root I recommend to you the protheses of broad base.

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How to prepare your body for a plastic surgery?

How to prepare your body for a plastic surgery?

The preparation of your body for a plastic surgery must initiate with minimum a month of anticipation, in order that your body will be healthy and in ideal conditions to the moment of the surgical intervention.

It is important that you keep in mind these tips that I have prepared for you. They will help to have a safe and quiet surgical procedure:

With a month in advance or more if you can, start to consume iron and vitamin C. These vitamin supplements will keep your body strong and your immune system in top condition. It is important that you avoid contact with people who have respiratory infections during that period.

Suspend for a minimum of one month the use of any other nutritional supplement and your hormonal method of family planning, such as pills and contraceptive injections. You can protect yourself from pregnancy by using barrier methods such as the condom or the diaphragm.

Avoid drinking liquor for at least 72 hours (3 days) before your surgery. The day of the surgery appear with non polish nail.

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Positive attitude for a big change in your life

Positive attitude for a big change in your life

If you have never had surgery, you should understand that this is a process that requires your complete preparation. If you can prepare yourself mentally you will be able to take on the challenge of this experience, because you will face in a better way the changes that will come. Consider the following tips for your mental preparation:

- Understand that surgery is a process of transformation chosen by yourself. Think of the post-operative now as a time of healing, not as a disease. This will facilitate the recovery.

- Think that the results of your surgery will not be immediate, even when returning to your place of origin you will have to wait to see them. The body takes six months to complete its healing process. Only then will you see the final result.

- Have the clarity to understand that the experience of other patients goes to not necessarily your experience. Each body has its own characteristics to receive surgery in its own way and too every person lives their surgery abroad in their own way. Your experience will be unique. Just keep a good attitude and you will see that everything will turn out well.

Follow these tips to have a happy experience. Likewise, remember that you will always have at your disposal a group of professionals interested for ensuring your well-being and tranquility.

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Men and Plastic Surgery

Men and Plastic Surgery

Currently, plastic surgery is not a practice strictly for women. There are procedures designed exclusively for men. The general trend is personal care, the pursuit of personal and emotional satisfaction. It is proven that aesthetic procedures give security to patients who see in their physical aspect what reflects their interior.

Men can also care for and care about our appearance and it is a part of my work that is getting stronger.

Among the procedures indicated for men is:

1. Blepharoplasty: modification of the eye area, specifically the eyelids that, as time passes, lose firmness and accumulate fat under the eyes, what we call dark circles. The goal is to rejuvenate the look.
2. Gynecomastia: The abnormal growth of the mammary gland in men is a reality. With this procedure it is possible to make correction and avoid discomfort.
3. Pectoral Enlargement: Despite the routines for muscle growth, some men have genetic dispositions in which their pecs do not develop much muscularly. Through this intervention a silicone implant is inserted in the chest to simulate the volume that they want.
4. Liposculpture: This procedure is very common in women, however, it is also indicated for men, since it can extract the localized fat difficult to lower with diets and exercise routines.

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Give years back yo your legs

Give years back yo your legs

Reaffirming and beautifying your legs can be a difficult and long process that does not always give the desired results because all bodies have different genetic dispositions and sometimes for more exercise or non-invasive treatments to which you submit, skin and The muscles of the legs remain loose, for example, due to a massive loss of weight.

Therefore, I recommend the leg lift or croruplasty. A procedure that accompanies the liposuction, to complement, restoring the tension of the skin and making an elevation of the muscle so that it returns the firmness that you remember and want for you.

The surgery leaves a T-shaped scar in the groin area under the underwear and all over the inner thigh and the time of inability to recover is about 3 weeks.

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Keep the results of your abdominoplasty

Keep the results of your abdominoplasty

While liposuction and abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery techniques are very effective in getting rid of localized fat in different parts of the body, retaining the results is a must for you as a patient.

If you want to continue being that lean and firm person, you need to change your eating habits and awareness of the influence you have on what you ingest and the activities you do in how your body looks and feels.

Therefore, I make the following food recommendations that, along with regular exercise, is the key to make you feel and see perfectly.

* Consume fiber
* your plate should be divided : 1 protein , 1 carb, many vegetables.
* Improves iron intake
* Vitamin C is your best friend
* Do not stand hungry. Give your body several small servings of food per day
* Water can not be lacking in your daily life
* Eliminates soft drinks and sugary drinks

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Thigh Lift Or Cruroplasty

Thigh Lift Or Cruroplasty

Definition And Objectives

When skin of the inner thighs is loose, liposuction alone is not enough and restoring skin tension is necessary. The surgeon then performs a thigh lift.
Such a procedure is indicated in the presence of a net release of skin due to ageing or significant weight loss or for the correction of certain defects left after liposuction of the inner thighs.
Procedure And Scars

The procedure begins with liposuction that allows fat removal and the undermining of tissues without lymphatic damage. The excess of skin is then removed and the skin is deeply suspended (at the underlying subaponeurotic level).

The procedure leaves:
A horizontal scar, placed underneath the underwear: it is the concentric lifting of inner thigh indicated in cases of moderate skin excess, as it only acts on the upper thigh.
A T-shaped scar: a vertical scar is added to the horizontal scar along the entire inner thigh: this technique is effective over the entire thigh but the scar is visible. It is primarily indicated after a massive weight loss resulting in redundant skin excess.

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What kind of care should be taken to keep the results of liposuction?

What kind of care should be taken to keep the results of liposuction?

Although the final results of liposculpture take some time to be due at time of final recovery of the body, if you are thinking to perform a procedure of this type is very important that you need to change your nutritional habits to take care of your new shapes and cganges on tyour body after having surgery.

Removing fat from localized areas by lipo aspiration is a very popular and fast process in order to achieve excellent results as a lean body, lose weight and reduce size.

To take care for these new measures after a liposculpture you must change your habits: a meal plan balanced that does not necessarily have to be slavish, but healthy and consistent exercise routine, not only to maintain the results, but keep your body with a good health, give strength to body and vitality.

I recommend that you avoid overly processed foods because they contain compounds that are not healthy for your health. Consume lean protein like turkey, chicken and fish; in your diet includes whole grains like brown rice and oats, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits and nuts. With respect to the fat, you can opt for a healthy as olive oil , coconut oil, avocado.

I recommend that you obtain a nutritionally assessment for you to take control of your eating behavior and you begin to understand healthy habits to keep the results of your liposuction.

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Why travel to perform a plastic surgery?

Why travel to perform a plastic surgery?

To contemplate the possibility of travelling to Colombia, especially Cali,to perform a plastic surgery,you have the opportunity to gain access to a city where you can find professionals with high level of training and experience which positions the city as one of the places most suitable in the world to be ester type of procedures, given the high level of security and satisfaction. 

When you go to travel be aware of recovery time to plan your trip :
- For not very extensive surgery such as _ Rhinoplasty or a breast augmentation, I recommend to stay about 12 days
- For more extensive surgeries and/or combined: liposuction Tummy Tuck, minimum should stay in the city 21 days at least.

Also is important to keep in mind that it is not safe to performed surgical procedures in the first 24 hours of the arrival to the city, after a 3 hours trip regardless of the means of transport, this can lead to serious complications!

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