Cruroplasty: get your legs back, toned and smooth

Cruroplasty: get your legs back, toned and smooth

The laxity of the skin and the fat accumulated within the inner side of thigh happens to be one of the most annoying characteristics in the body, as it not only has aesthetic alterations, but also functional alterations such as walking discomfort, friction, sweating and irritation of the skin.

When exercise is not enough to tone your thighs, cruroplasty is a solution to regain smooth and firm legs. This procedure is also recognized as ‘Leg Lifting’ because it is a surgical technique that seeks to improve the appearance of the thighs by removing the fatty tissue and the excess skin on the inner side of the thighs.

So, who is a candidate for a thigh lift?
People who experience excessive sagging due to heavy weight loss and tissue deterioration overtime.
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Thigh Lift Or Cruroplasty

Thigh Lift Or Cruroplasty

Definition And Objectives

When skin of the inner thighs is loose, liposuction alone is not enough and restoring skin tension is necessary. The surgeon then performs a thigh lift.
Such a procedure is indicated in the presence of a net release of skin due to ageing or significant weight loss or for the correction of certain defects left after liposuction of the inner thighs.
Procedure And Scars

The procedure begins with liposuction that allows fat removal and the undermining of tissues without lymphatic damage. The excess of skin is then removed and the skin is deeply suspended (at the underlying subaponeurotic level).

The procedure leaves:
A horizontal scar, placed underneath the underwear: it is the concentric lifting of inner thigh indicated in cases of moderate skin excess, as it only acts on the upper thigh.
A T-shaped scar: a vertical scar is added to the horizontal scar along the entire inner thigh: this technique is effective over the entire thigh but the scar is visible. It is primarily indicated after a massive weight loss resulting in redundant skin excess.

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