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Claudia Patricia Duque
Colombian living in Bogota
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I am a business administrator and live in Bogota, I had breast augmentation surgery and liposuction, and was referred by several co-workers who had surgery with Dr. Villalobos. I decided to have surgery in Cali, because I saw the excellent results in my teammates and that gave me confidence. The Doctor operates in the Dermatology Clinic of Cali, which gave me a lot of security because it is a safe and flawless institution, as well as providing excellent service and human warmth from the team that works there.
Tanya Cardozo
Chilean living in Washington
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I had a laser liposuction and buttock augmentation with Dr. Harold Villalobos. From the first contact I felt very comfortable with the way they treated me, I was offered a package that included all expenses and I am very happy with the results.
The attention of the Doctor and his team was very professional, they were very aware of my evolution and every detail.
Valery Rodriguez
Connecticut resident Puerto Rican N. Y.
Telephone:1-860 794 3363 / USA

My name is Valery Rodriguez I had a liposuction, brazilian butt and mini abdomen and Breast augmentation with Dr. Villalobos. I traveled to Colombia with 2 friends, we were operated on by Dr. Villalobos and we are happy to have chosen such an excellent Doctor. All of us took the special package that the Doctor has for foreigners, making us feel at home and confident because the prices we paid were the same as the quote they sent us, It really has been a wonderful experience I recommend Dr. Villalobos because in addition to his professionalism he is an honest and responsible person, cheerful and very committed to his patients.
Clara Cruz
Colombian - Protocol Model
Telephone: 57-311 754 0181 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unfortunately many years ago I injected biopolymers, which left me with completely warped buttocks. Thanks to the excellent work of Dr. Villalobos now my butt look completely normal and harmonious. Dr. Villalobos performed biopolymer removal and reconstruction of my buttocks as well as a Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. I am happy with the results.
I have already had several procedures with Dr. Harold Villalobos such as breast augmentation removal of biopolymers, and buttock implant placement My experience with the doctor was very comforting, he always heard and answered my questions.
The doctor and the clinic where he operates has all the infrastructure to ensure my safety I am totally satisfied with all the treatments I have had with Doctor Villalobos, I recommend him not only for his excellent work but for his way of being beautiful simple cheerful and responsible.
Maria Angela Montezuma
Colombian living in New Jersey
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A friend of my mother had surgery with Dr. Harold Villalobos I live in New Jersey and decided to contact him and ask for all the information pictures of before and after cases We contacted him for a quote I love the advice that the doctor and his team gave me from the first moment because it was quick accurate and timely I traveled to Cali with my mother, my sister and two cousins who decided to also have surgery with Dr. Villalobos, the doctor gave us a quote for a full package so we paid extra and were very happy.
We are happy with the results and with the attention we received all we needed was found in the office and its staff.
Claudia Patricia Quintero
My name is Claudia Patricia Quintero, I performed the lipoesculpture and rinoplasty surgeries with Dr. Villalobos and i'm very happy with the results, I could not had been in better hands, the care and professionalism which Dr. Villalobos works is such, that I recommend him to my friends and acquaintances interested in performing any procedure.