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The nose occupies the center of the face and brings harmony and forms overall facial beauty. I take into account the ethnic characteristics and personality of each patient, so rhinoplasty is personalized and the design is attractive and ideal, highlighting other personal aspects of the face.

Dr. Villalobos explains to patients what the appropriate nose shape which will give harmony to your face and personality is.



The facelift seeks to remove the excess of skin and wrinkles on the face, like the underlying tissues. Over time facial skin loses its tone and becomes flaccid ideal and wrinkled, but there are other factors that alter the skin like changes in weight, smoking, stress, heredity, environmental pollution, the nutritional deficiencies and sun exposure excess

The facelift seeks to restore harmony and natural balance to the face giving youth and freshness.




Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

The per orbital region is one of the areas where age stigmas are more evident giving the appearance of exhaustion and depression. These changes are caused by many facts such as lifestyle, stress and age; blepharoplasty surgery allows restore freshness and youth to the face.

As any other surgical procedure It is important to have a clinical assessment of this area, giving importance to the per orbital fat bags, excess of skin and muscle of the eyelid ptosis, each case is particular and will need a personal assessment.


Otoplasty (ear surgery)

The ears are the most visible organs as they are external structures that enhance the image and facial expression.

Otoplasty aims to sculpt and correct birth defects or damage due to trauma such as: ear pinning, ear of "Dumbo" ears mystical (elongated lobe), and earrings injury, accident, etc..


Mentoplasty (increase or decrease the chin)

This procedure achieves aesthetic surgical correction of the chin to reduce or increase chin using bone grafts from the patient or alloplastic implant materials, achieving a harmonious chin for facial profile.




Cheiloplasty (cosmetic surgery of the mouth)

As one of the most visible organs of the face, lips may submit some alterations such as: disproportion in size, they can turn very thin or may have some depressions and wrinkles, etc.. The current facial image gives great importance to the shape and volume of the lips for a sensual look with some exotic trend.

The surgery design of lips consists of an increase or reduction in the volume to achieve aesthetic harmony according to the characteristics of the rest of the face. There are several good ways to give beauty and youthful fleshy lips, in some cases it´s combined with the injection of special chemicals such as hyaluronic acid over the surgical procedure, achieving a certain aesthetic taste and according to the patient´s needs.


Brow Lift

Is a fat procedure that leaves minimal scarring, strategically hidden and virtually invisible, blending the correct position of each eyebrow.

Many times this procedure can be combined with any treatment related to the face including: blepharoplasty, facelift, otoplasty or forehead lift.