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Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation

To achieve an ideal augmentation and a perfect roundness to your gluteus muscle with a lift proportional to your physical beauty there are two main ways to get it: one is the use of implants and the other way is using the patient's own fat obtained by liposuction or Fat Transfer The injection of any other kind of filler material in the buttock including liquid silicone is prohibited For long-term results and for the fat to be reabsorbed it is essential to use the specialist technique.


Buttock implants with cohesive silicone gel

This Surgery is indicated to reinforce and / or increase small or flattened buttocks by introducing silicone (prosthetic) implants.

Implants should be specially designed, cohesive silicone gel, stronger and flattened compared to the breast and the size will be chosen according to your needs and expetections, but also based on anthropometric measurements.

The candidates are men and women, although the purpose is different in men because it’s about giving muscular appearance to the buttocks, while the woman is trying to increase the size, projecting the silhouette, creating a firm and round shape so sometimes requiring remodeling of the area with liposuction.

The size and shape of the buttocks or derrière vary from one person to another and is associated with the race, heredity and lifestyle.