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A good post-operative is an essential complement to an excellent recovery thinking of the welfare of all our patients,
we offer a comprehensive service which includes:

  • Laboratory Tests
  • Pre anesthetic evaluation
  • Health Insurance
  • Post surgical garments
  • Nursing Home
  • Lymphatic Drainage

Highly qualified professionals

We have a highly qualified staff for your personal attention committed to your welfare and safety.

Custom medical Rating

Your medical evaluation and post- surgical controls are handled directly by Dr. Harold Villalobos, ensuring the care and attention to every detail of your surgery and your post-operative.

Physical Facilities and Logistics

One of the constant fears that arise when you realize yourself a facelift, has to do with the quality of the facilities where your intervention will be Dr. Harold Villalobos and spares no effort to provide you not only comfortable and secure facilities, but teams high technological range in each of the medical procedures.

Post surgical therapy

Lymphatic drainage is a fundamental part of your post surgical process, our therapists are fully trained for this therapy to be a true coayudante in your recovery and allow us to keep track of your progress every day.


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Thinking about the welfare of our patients include post- surgical garments, specially designed with the recommendations of Dr. Villalobos, made from special materials for the comfort and care of our patients.