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To ensure the growth and perfect roundness of your buttocks there are two main ways to do it: one is the use of implants, and the other is using the same fat obtained by liposuction. The injection of any other filler material in the buttocks, including liquid silicone is totally banned.


Buttock implants cohesive silicone gel

Surgery is indicated to reaffirm and to augment small or flat buttocks introducing implants (prostheses) of silicone.

Implants should be specially designed with cohesive silicone gel, they are stronger and flattened compared to breast implants, the size will be chosen according to the patient’s needs, but also based on patient’s anthropometric measurements. The action of placing larger implants than needed can cause the surgery to fail.

The Candidates for this surgery are men and women, although the purpose is different in men, it's about giving muscular appearance to the buttocks, while women are trying to augment and improve the size, projecting a firm round shape, sometimes it requires remodeling of the area with liposuction.