If you decide to do it, do it well

If you decide to do it, do it well

The recommendations that I give to you as a doctor for the immediate postoperative surgery are very important, so I want to publicly clarify that:

1. I do not agree that other professionals, other than my team, manipulate my patients in the immediate postoperative period. We are responsible for 20 days to give you the care that you deserve, everything has a medical reason and responsibility.
2. I do not order my patients more than one lymphatic drainage a day, do not waste your time and money believing that 2 or more massages will help you recover faster, this is a myth, it is not true.
3. Neither my work team nor the recovery house is authorized to prescribe any medications, only I, your treating doctor can prescribe them at the medical appointment.
4. In my protocol for lymphatic drainage the use of oils is not authorized, it is proven that it increases the risk of skin infections.
5. If you live outside of Colombia and in your control I advise you to stay because I believe that I should continue to accompany you in your post-surgery, please follow my recommendations.

Please follow strictly the recommendations of your doctor and not your friend, and / or team of other professionals, your treating doctor is me, Dr. Villalobos, and only I am in the capacity to resolve doubts. Do not be influenced and end up making bad decisions that compromise your health and results of surgery. We are here as a team to help you. Thank you for putting your trust in my team and myself.

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Cicatrization in plastic surgery

Cicatrization in plastic surgery

Any type of surgical practice which involves cutting the skin surface, will generate a process of replacement due to the loss of tissue called scarring. The human tissue replaced is not 100% accurate, there is still a loss for that reason, which is 70% tissue of similar characteristics called scar tissue.

The final appearance of a scar depends on the patient's intrinsic factors such as skin characteristics, color, texture, elasticity, hydration etc., in addition to the individual genetic predisposition that is developed during the healing process. Extrinsic factors also affect the outcome of a scar such as the location of the incision, the presence of previous lesions in the area, infections, degree of tension of the sutures, wound direction and last but certainly not least because of its importance is the unforeseen reactions of the skin to suture materials used.

The factors described above can be controlled, but there are others that knot and the result of a scar frequently do not depend on the surgeon, not even on the same patient.

This is what makes your honesty during the consultation and before the surgery so important, and that you respond with sincerity to the questions that your doctor makes because the surgeon gathers enough information that will helps us give you the best results during the procedure.

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BMI and liposuction

BMI and liposuction

One of the most common procedures is liposuction. This is a surgery that seeks to shape the body by extracting fatty tissues from specific areas, but is not indicated for weight loss, such as bariatric surgery.

The BMI or body mass index compares a person's weight and height to have an idea of ​​how healthy their body is. To calculate your BMI simply divide your weight in kilograms between the squared measurment of your height in meters. (Kg / m * m)

As stated, the normal range of BMI is between 18.50 and 29.99. A higher result is associated with the risk of suffering from certain cardiovascular diseases, such as diabetes and strokes.

That is why a liposuction is only done if a person has a BMI below 35. If someone is above this value, it is better to lose weight, get in shape and then it is determined whether or not it is safe to perform the surgery. This is done in order to obtain visible results and not affect the patient's health.

If you have any questions, you can contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Get rid of the armpit's fat

Get rid of the armpit's fat

When a person gains weight the whole body feels it, even the armpits. Despite exercise and diets, eliminating the chubbiness that is accumulated from the armpits is very difficult because of their location and also the genetics is sometimes stronger than any desire to change appearance.

However, I have good news: liposuction is a procedure that allows you to extract accumulated fatty tissue from a specific area, which means that, using the lipolaser technique, for example, you can get rid of these annoying rolls.

During your postoperative, you must change your eating habits and adapt a routine of exercises that help to conserve the results you have obtained and you'll begin to take notice that your health also benefits from these new changes.

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Consequences of having a heavy bust and how to solve it

Consequences of having a heavy bust and how to solve it

The human body can vary in many forms and proportions. Some women feel bad about having small breasts while others suffer from having a very heavy, bulky and disproportionate bust.

For the previously indicated, the day-to-day routines can be difficult to keep up with due to the multiple complications that result from having large and heavy breasts. Nonetheless, back and neck pain are a recurring theme for the body, lumbalgias, changes of posture that can deflect the spine, tension in muscles, ulcers, and marks due to the bra, are direct consequences of having breasts that are too heavy and bulky.

Physically, due to gravity, the tissues tend to fall and lose their firmness. So, the rounded shape usually associated with the breasts is lost. The most characteristic form for these women is like a pendulum or hanging bags with their nipples pointing down, which causes them psychological discomfort.

That is why a mastopexy which reduces the size of the breasts is convenient, not only to change the appearance, but to improve the health. This procedure aims to reduce the volume of the cup, raise them, and give tension to the skin in order to have breasts of a younger appearance with more attractive forms that do not damage or deform the body.

If you have any questions about this procedure, contact me at doctor@haroldvillalobos.

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