BBL - Preparation and Recovery

BBL - Preparation and Recovery

Enlargement and lifting of the buttocks is a popular procedure that seeks to improve the size and shape of the patient's gluteus. The most common procedure is referred to as the BBL, known for its acronym in English, which is an ideal option that targets to achieve a fuller and rounder derriere.

Preparation is key when it comes to achieving excellent and optimal results. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  1. Get all your medical checkups and exams.
  2. Do not smoke nor drink alcohol 5 to 7 weeks before the procedure because these substances can affect your healing process.
  3. Follow the indications regarding the consumption of medicines, some may be prohibited.
  4. Wear loose clothing and do not wear jewelry or anything of value on the day of your operation.

To achieve a speedy and healthy recovery, always keep these tips in mind:

  1. After surgery symptoms such as swelling, numbness, pain and bruising in the area of ​​the operation are normal. The swelling can take months to heal but the medications will help ease the pain.
  2. Most patients can walk again the next day.
  3. It is important to follow the indications promptly as to the times that you can remain seated, as this can affect newly transplanted fatty tissues.
  4. Patients are almost always given the type of compression garment they should wear, this will give them the time that will help them heal.
  5. You may be recommended to get a lymphatic massage.
  6. You can summarize or start physical activities after 6 to 8 weeks. Remember that a balanced diet and exercise can help you maintain results longer.

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Lift drooping breasts!

Lift drooping breasts!

If you experience drooping breasts, you need to know that this is a normal process and can be a result of aging, breastfeeding, pregnancy, or weight fluctuations. It cannot be avoided, especially if you have larger breasts. If you experience this a breast lift which is a procedure that removes sagging loose tissue from the breasts to bring them back to a more youthful state can be a solution for you.


This procedure can be done to anyone who wants to improve the shape and contours of their breasts. It is important to have certain advice in mind before the procedure such as to stop smoking, stop certain medicine if taking any and also to seek help with everyday activities during the recovery time which can be generally two weeks.


You can discuss with me the details of the procedure and what type of interventions are going to be done depending on your specifics needs. Remember that you would need to wear a supporting bra during your recovery process in order to minimize swelling and instructions on medications, activities to avoid and proper posture will be given.

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Have you considered the mini tummy tuck?

Have you considered the mini tummy tuck?

Fat in excess of the abdomen can build up for many factors like pregnancy, aging or a sedentary lifestyle. The mini abdominoplasty is the best option, less invasive, for your aesthetic needs and goals.


It is a smaller version of the abdominoplasty and is made to tighten flaccid areas. A small incision is made to tighten muscles and remove excess fat and skin and this gives a more defined and flat abdomen.


If you have a small amount of fat located in the abdomen, then this procedure is enough for you. If you have tried to modify your diet and incorporate an exercise routine and you still have some sagging belly this surgery is perfect to perfect your abdomen.

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Body parts suitable for fat grafting

Body parts suitable for fat grafting

The autologous fat grafting procedure is about transferring this substance from one region of the body to another to improve, refill or contour. Initially this technique comprises liposuction of the donor site of the same patient.

Once it is obtained the substance must be processed by decantation and centrifugation so that it can be purified. Thus, it is released from waste, excess liquids and dead cells.

At the end of the procedure small droplets are injected into the subcutaneous tissue of the area to be received, this is done in order to have a good supply of blood and the fat graft can survive.


Here I show you which areas of the body are suitable for receiving the grafts:


1. Face: Used to regain a youthful appearance, by adding volume to wrinkled areas. It can be performed in the lower area of ​​the eyes, nasolabial folds, cheeks, lifting of the cheeks, recovery of the texture and appearance of the skin.


2. Breasts: Helps to increase the size of the breasts, one or two cup sizes. It can also correct asymmetry, repair radiation damage, treat scars, and implant capsular contractures.


3. Hips: adds volume to achieve a more feminine profile and improves the proportion of the body between waist and hip.


4. Buttocks: it achieves the increase and the ideal roundness with a rise proportional to the corporal beauty.


5. Hands and feet: reduce wrinkles and can rejuvenate appearance. It can give a coated support for the feet.

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Top 5 plastic surgeries performed by men

Top 5 plastic surgeries performed by men

Plastic surgery are a trend becoming very common amongst men. Here I show which are the most common plastic surgery that men undergo:


1. Liposuction: This surgery consists of suctioning the subcutaneous fat, inserting a cannula connected to a vacuum pump.


2. Reduction of breasts to treat gynecomastia: with this treatment the abnormal growth of the mammary gland can be determined and corrected in men. This is cause due to hormonal changes during adolescence or side effects to some drugs that may remain and cause discomfort in the adult age.


3. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery: is a procedure to remove the excess fat, skin and muscle from the upper and lower eyelids.


4. Rhinoplasty or nose surgery: a surgery to restore the nose, rhinoplasty is personalized and its design has an attractive and ideal shape, highlighting the other personal features of the patient’s face.


5. Otoplasty or ear surgery: otoplasty seeks to sculpt and artistically correct birth defects or trauma injuries.

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