Manual Lymphatic drainage theraphy

The manual lymphatic drainage consists of a therapy that is performed on the skin. The therapy is a slow, rhythmic, harmonic and very soft massage with precise movements that, when performed in the correct direction, following the current of the lymphatic channels, stimulates the drainage of these ducts lymphatics, cleaning congested areas. This procedure requires a certain dose of intuition and a lot of accuracy, since pressure is a determining factor and in each case, as well as each patient, requires specific care and manipulation.

An effective session of manual lymphatic drainage should last at least an hour. It is advisable that your therapist have a harmonious and conducive atmosphere for relaxation in the room.

Why do I send manual lymphatic drainage sessions to my patients?

When the lymphatic system is congested, the lymph nodes cannot perform their work correctly and the fact that the lymph nodes are inflamed is a sign that something abnormal is happening inside of us. It is normal that after any type of surgery there is swelling and edema. Edema or retentions occur when the lymphatic system is not able to purify those areas, that is, when liquids and substances stagnate.
Lymphatic drainage massages prevent complications and stimulates the body's recovery by cleaning congested areas, preventing inflammation, helping the healing process, reducing the appearance of unwanted lines and folds and favoring the reduction of body fat.

Considering the benefits of performing a good lymphatic drainage therapy and the consequences of not doing it, I send my patients at least 10 sessions and I endorse in finding specialized and certified people to perform the massage, since any other type of massage is contraindicated and can cause greater problems to the patient.

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