Manual Lymphatic drainage theraphy

Manual Lymphatic drainage theraphy

The manual lymphatic drainage consists of a therapy that is performed on the skin. The therapy is a slow, rhythmic, harmonic and very soft massage with precise movements that, when performed in the correct direction, following the current of the lymphatic channels, stimulates the drainage of these ducts lymphatics, cleaning congested areas. This procedure requires a certain dose of intuition and a lot of accuracy, since pressure is a determining factor and in each case, as well as each patient, requires specific care and manipulation.

An effective session of manual lymphatic drainage should last at least an hour. It is advisable that your therapist have a harmonious and conducive atmosphere for relaxation in the room.

Why do I send manual lymphatic drainage sessions to my patients?

When the lymphatic system is congested, the lymph nodes cannot perform their work correctly and the fact that the lymph nodes are inflamed is a sign that something abnormal is happening inside of us. It is normal that after any type of surgery there is swelling and edema. Edema or retentions occur when the lymphatic system is not able to purify those areas, that is, when liquids and substances stagnate.
Lymphatic drainage massages prevent complications and stimulates the body's recovery by cleaning congested areas, preventing inflammation, helping the healing process, reducing the appearance of unwanted lines and folds and favoring the reduction of body fat.

Considering the benefits of performing a good lymphatic drainage therapy and the consequences of not doing it, I send my patients at least 10 sessions and I endorse in finding specialized and certified people to perform the massage, since any other type of massage is contraindicated and can cause greater problems to the patient.

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Characteristics of a Postoperative Bra

Characteristics of a Postoperative Bra

After breast surgery, it´s recommendable that the patient wear a suitable bra that allows comfortable recovery days.
The most advisable period of time for the use of this element is one month, even at bedtime. After that month the patient can sleep without a bra, obviously, depending on the indications according to each case.

The bra, in addition to its natural function of supporting the breasts, makes a slight pressure that helps to diminish the swelling of the chest.

Here I share a few general suggestions on what to take into account when buying a support bra for the postoperative breast surgery.

They should be comfortable to avoid discomfort in the intervened area, as this is very sensitive; That does not have hoops to avoid the pressure on the new furrow submamario, that is in the process of cicatrization. You should also protect your chest from excessive movement.

It's advisable that they have no seams and that, in addition, has adjustable adjustable straps and elastic cups so that the patient can adapt it better to their figure.

Remember that these suggestions are general and could vary depending on the process and the patient. Always follow the doctor's recommendations.

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We offer an excellent postoperative

We offer an excellent postoperative

By choosing to specialize as a plastic surgeon, I accepted the responsibility to accompany, advise and support my patients during surgery stages.

Be assured that I provide you all my experience, professionalism and safety not only from me but from my team. We are each and every one willing to resolve any concerns you may have and to help in case something unexpected arises.
Postoperatively is a fundamental recovery process. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive service for the best good for all our patients; this includes:
-Laboratory exams
Pre anesthetic -Valuation
-Health insurance
-Clothing Surgical post
Home -Nurse
-Lymphatic drainage

The professionals who are part of my team are highly qualified for your attention, committed to your welfare and safety. I directly am responsible for conducting medical assessments and after surgery controls, ensuring that every detail is taken into account so that you get the results you want.
Postsurgical therapy consists of lymphatic drainage, as I have explanied before , it is critical to the process. Our physiotherapists are fully trained to carry out proper therapy that contribute to your evolution.

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Why to wear a post surgical garment after a body surgical procedure

Why to wear a post surgical garment after a body surgical procedure

The use is prescribed after a body plastic surgery because it has advantages and benefits, especially in the postoperative process and its use depends on the progress and recovery of patients as well as the instructions mentioned in the consultations and controls.

Among the benefits of using this type of garments are:

- By exerting a uniform pressure over the treated area it reduces the risk of irregularities in the surface of the skin, such as ripples and bumps.
- Another benefit it provides is getting the skin and hold it in place, as it loses elasticity and after any plastic surgery that involves removing fat under the skin can leave in result a loose skin.
- Compression in the surgical area minimizes movement of tissues involved in surgery.
- Allow the incisions remain protected and clean in the early stages of healing. Thus, the risk of infection is reduced.
-Allows patients remain comfortable and prevents making physical efforts.
- Helps to reduce bruising and swelling, due to compression optimizes blood circulation and reduces fluid retention.

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Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation’s Postoperative period

Gluteoplasty or Buttock Augmentation’s Postoperative period

The success of any surgery depends largely on the care after surgery.

Therefore, I advise that You follow the signs for an excellent recovery. Among them are:
-If drains are left, they will be removed after 48 to 72 hours after surgery .
-The first 72 hours, You must remain lying face down.
-During The first 3 weeks , you should avoid sitting more than necessary .
-To Sleep during the first 3 weeks, You should sleep on your tummies .
-You must avoid all kinds of movements and exercises involving the buttocks.
-I'll let you know the date for the removal of stitches.
-Do not smoke or ingest alcohol,that interferes with proper healing .
-If I recommend a therapeutic treatment such as massage, you should do it .
-Remember promptly To attend to scheduled controls to evaluate your progress and safety of your health.

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Valuable foods in your postoperative

Valuable foods in your postoperative

Aesthetic plastic surgeries, as any intervention, generate an exhausting process for the body, and it is very important that you plan your diet so that both the muscles and the skin can recover quickly.

Consumed foods rich in proteins that help you generate new cells and maintain force. Discover some valuable food for your recovery that will be of great ayuda:
-Protein shakes
-Vegetables steamed
-Juices low in sugar

However, for foods that do not recommend during your recovery after an operation are those that are made up of high levels of sodium, since they promote inflammation in the body and delay the process. In addition to limiting the consumption of foods with sugar, they can generate an increase in weight, and do not contain enough vitamins and minerals essential for your recovery.

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Postoperative week

Postoperative week

The weeks of postoperative after your plastic surgery are crucial to maintain and contribute to excellent results. It is the ideal time to change eating habits and start a new way of life from physical activity and healthy eating so that you can say with confidence that your surgery was a success.

After surgery you should:

1. Modify eating habits: only a matter of knowing the calories and carbohydrates that you eat to avoid falling into excesses, you can combine foods you want but in appropriate portions.
2. Nutrition in the postoperative period: nutrition is key in the first 15 days and must rely on the important consumption of carbohydrates and proteins such as repairing substances, in order to avoid complications and have an excellent healing.
3. Follow recommendations: my recommendations after the surgeries will be sufficient to generate the expected results, since the use of the girdle of compression, food, massage, positions until times to start with physical activity.
4. Stress-free: these weeks are calm and tranquil, the wait can be long, but you should keep in mind that to see the results all will be worth it. Go for a walk with care and enjoy a few days of rest.

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Recovery after perform a Tummy Tuck

Recovery after perform a Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects unsightly deformities of the abdominal wall, caused by changes in weight, pregnancies, previous surgeries, etc. in the intervention removes excess skin and fat accumulated, as well as repair of abdominal wall muscle to give firmness.

How it is the postoperative period?

After the intervention is indispensable to put a Strip during 24 hours a day for about three weeks, and one week more, only at night. Is normal that during the postoperative period may feel tension or abdominal tightness, necessary to adopts a semi-setting posture for sleeping during the first week.

You may feed yourself according to the diet I recommend foods in small amounts to avoid tension in the abdomen and reduce the intake of foods that can cause gas. You can take short walks in the early days, however you have to wait a month to start a daily exercise routine.

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